Ideas for a healthier future
We believe that investing in health means building the foundations of a fulfilled life and a successful society.
Recognizability and reliability
We have been supplying regional, as well as world markets with pharmaceutical products for a series of years.
Development and innovation
Developing our own innovative products is an integral part of our daily lives.
We are developing along with our partners and working together to build a healthy future.


270 employees nurture quality as our core value in all areas of business - research and development, production and regulation, marketing, and sales.

Market Coverage

With a team of 112 employees in marketing and sales, we are present in as many as six regional markets with a total population of 22 million people.


With EU GMP, CFR 21 and HACCP certified facilities, our production processes, distribution and quality control comply with the stringent standards of the European pharmaceutical industry.

Ideas for a healthier future

Croatian pharmaceutical production for domestic and foreign markets
Founded in Croatia in late 2008, PharmaS has since successfully launched more than 200 Rx medications, as well as a wide range of innovative CHC products. A particularly notable brand within the company’s portfolio is Dietpharm, which has been on the market for more than 30 years. It is a well-established brand, recognised as a quality standard both in Croatia and in the SEE region.
The PharmaS Group is present in as many as 20 countries around the world. Regular supply of numerous markets with quality pharmaceutical products is ensured by our three modern pharmaceutical factories – in Rakitje, Popovača and Zrenjanin.

Consumer Healthcare

Prescription medicines

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